SSI Dive Centers

diveSSI Image: SSI-Dive-Center-Decal SSI Dive Centers and Dive Resorts must adhere to the SSI Dealer & Training Standards. This ensures that you will get the best possible service at all times. Plus, SSI Training standards meet or exceed both International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Recreational Training Council (RSTC) standards. So you know what you are learning will keep you safe.

Dive Centers and Dive Resorts are the places to accomplish your training goals. They provide everything you need from your first diving certification course through instructor level training programs. They also offer a wide variety of travel experiences both local and destination. If you are looking for the next great place to explore these experts can give you the best advice.

SSI Dive Centers can have a variety of titles: Dive Center, Instructor Training Center, Diamond Dive Center, Diamond Instructor Training Center and Diving School.

If you need a recommendation for your next equipment purchase or travel destination visit or contact the Dive Center/Dive Resort near you. Click here to show the SSI Diamond Dive Centers in your country.

SSI Dive Centers must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Have a retail business location in an area zoned for business and maintain an appropriate atmosphere for business.
  • Post and maintain established regular retail business hours that are convenient for customers.
  • Have a professional image in the following required areas; retail sales, rental department and service & repair department. Maintain a neat, clean and attractive facility with adequate amount of inventory appropriately displayed.
  • Have a compressed air system that delivers quality-breathing air.
  • Have all required governmental licenses and permits and comply with all labor and tax laws.
  • Conduct operation with a commitment to high quality.
  • Have no ethics or Standards violations pending or any verified ethics or Standards violations in the past 12 months with SSI or any other training organization.
  • Use the minimum Total Diving System, as defined in the SSI Standards, for student divers.
  • Agree to implement SSI Monitor’s Assessment Procedures (MAP) program or an SSI Service Center approved alternative program by requiring SSI Instructors to teach programs within the control and direction of the Dive Center.
  • Institute an instructional program using SSI Instructors and SSI teaching materials, and issue SSI certifications to every student who completes SSI training programs
  • Each student has their own SSI training materials and DiveLog. Whenever possible, home study kits are offered.
  • Use the SSI Open Water Diver Program as the primary Open Water Diver training program and have a representative sample of the other SSI products, programs and services.
  • Purchase the minimum amount of SSI product on a yearly basis as defined in the annual SSI Dive Center Agreement.
  • Provide five (5) or more levels of SSI diver certification.